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Instant Hot Water Recirculation

American home water can install a instant hot water recirculation system in your home for $499.00 and reduce the waiting time for hot water to arrive at your faucets or shower.

Do you wait for your shower's water to get hot? How about your kitchen sink? Or any faucet in your home? How long does it take for the hot water to arrive? The Wait For Hot Water Is Finally Over!

You can save Up To 16,000 Gallons Of Water Per Year, Per Household (Based on average modern household usage) And Uses Less Energy Than A 25-Watt Light Bulb! A Breakthrough In Home Comfort!
Solves The Problem For Your Long Wait For Hot Water Start Saving Money - By Reducing Your Water Bill

Now The Wait For Hot Water Is Finally Over. Simply installing a Comfort Series Instant hot water system into your home adds true comfort to daily life by giving you instant hot water from any source in your home while saving money and conserving energy.

Instant Hot Water Recirculation

The system works by putting hot water into the hot water line instantly, using a pump with a built-in timer at the water heater and one or more bypass valves. The hot water circulation pump keeps the water in your pipes moving, resulting in a constant availability of hot water-without the wait or the waste! And the pump's unique design ensures quiet, maintenance-free operation.
Grundfos Pump Installed At Your Water Heater Sends Hot Water Through Your Home's Pipes Comfort Valve Installed At Sink Closes When Hot Water Arrives At Your Sink Comfort Valve Opens And Re-circulates Water Back Through Cold Water Lines If Water Temperature Gets Cold
You will always have hot water waiting for you at your sink or faucet as well as showers and fixtures that use hot water.

What about Installation?

The pump attaches to your existing water heater's hot water line out. Then you would attach a comfort valve at the water source (like a bathroom or kitchen sink). That's it!

In the past this type of system would cost thousands of dollars, as a return line would have to be run back to the water heater. The patented comfort valves solve this problem, by using your existing cold water lines as a return line. An ingenious retrofit system that saves you money.
No Return Line Required One Pump Is Installed At Your Water Heater A Comfort Valve Is Placed On Your Sink At The End Of Each Branch In Your Home Works With Multiple "Comfort" Valves For Complete Home Comfort At Every Water Source

The positive effect of this hot water circulator can also greatly affect your pocket book! The water utility savings alone can allow this system to pay for itself in as little time as its first year of operation.
Whole House Hot Water Diagram The comfort of instant hot water and the elimination of water waste is available today with this truly affordable comfort system. Installing a comfort system in your home adds true comfort to your daily life by giving you instant hot water from any source in your home.

Benefits Of Ownership:
Instant Hot Water No waiting or fumbling with shower or faucet controls. Water and Energy Conservation Saves up to 16,000 gallons of water per year per household (average usage) using less energy than a 25-watt light bulb. Cost Savings Reduces water utility costs and related charges. Whisper Quiet Operation Minimizes operational sound output Maintenance Free No maintenance, no worries - just the enjoyment of instant hot water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does This Work? Very simply, the pump is installed at the water tank as depicted in picture below:

Hot Water Recirculation System The comfort system pump is installed on your existing hot water heater "hot water line". The system puts hot water in the hot water line instantly, using a pump with a built-in timer at the water heater and a patented bypass valve at the point of use.

Hot Water Recirculation Valve Comfort valve installed under the farthest faucet from the water heater. The hot water recirculation pump moves the hot water from the heater throughout the pipe back to the heater through the cold water line. As the water heats up at the comfort valve, it closes. When a faucet is turned on, warm water is instantly available for use with no waste.

What is a hot water branch? Hot water lines may branch off from your main hot water line, like to a bathroom, where it will supply hot water to a sink and bathtub.

What If I have multiple hot water branches? You will need to get an extra comfort valve for every extra branch that you have.

If you send the hot water back through the cold water pipes to the water heater, wouldn't you waste hot water when trying to get cold water? You lose a little bit because the "cooled off" hot water dumped into the cold water line heats the cold water a little bit. This is only important if you are drawing a glass of cold water. More than 99 percent of the cold water is used for other purposes, such as cooking, cleaning, washing the car and toilet flushing. The slightly warm "cold" water is perfectly fine for all these purposes.

I have a tankless water heater, will this work in my system? The short answer is, no.

Does this system heat my hot water? No, it is a hot water recirculator, it is a retro-fit to an existing water heater.

Will this work with electric and gas water heaters? Yes, as long as you have a water heater tank to re-circulate the hot water it will work.

How does it work? The pump recirculates hot water through the plumbing system in your home. When the water temp at the comfort valve hits a pre-determined temperature it closes. When you turn your sink/shower on, the hot water is at the valve and travels out of the fixture (remember the valve was installed at the farthest end of the plumbing run under a sink) - all fixtures/shower in that run will have the hot water available, instantly. No more waiting for hot water.

How will this save me money? Calculate how many thousands of gallons of water you use while waiting for hot water each year. Money will be saved as the wait for hot water will finally be over. Moreover, you are conserving water and adding a great "creature comfort", instant hot water to every faucet/shower in your entire home.

Timer: 24 hr, 3 position, 15 minute intervals.
Electrical Cord: 10'
Power: 115 VAC

Pump Data: Flow Range: 0-3.4 U.S. GPM Head Range: 0-3.5 U.S. Feet
Motor: Single Phase, 115V
Min. Fluid Temperature 36 Degrees F
Max. Fluid Temperature 150 Degrees F
Max. Working Pressure: 145 PSI

Valve Technical Data: Patented Technology Integral Check Valve

ANSI/NSF61 & IAPMO Approved.
Warranty: 18 months

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