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      Companies who are selling competing products have perpetuated a number of myths about water softeners in an attempt to make their products look more attractive. The truth is that a water softener is the most reliable and cost effective way of eliminating hardness in tap water which causes so many problems throughout the home.

Myth #1 Do water softeners put salt in your water?

      NO. Salt is sodium chloride, and a water softeners adds just a small amount of sodium to your water... but there is already sodium in the water before it even reaches the water softener. This is a hugely misunderstood subject in the water business. People think water softeners also add chloride to the water which is not true. All the chloride from the salt used in a water softener goes down the drain and none is added to the water supplied to your home. If water softeners added chloride to the water, the water would taste like ocean water but it does not. Reasonable levels of sodium is not bad for most people, in fact Gatorade has a large amount of sodium in it. People on a restricted sodium diet should not drink tap water either before or after a water softener because they will both contain sodium. When on a sodium restricted diet, only drink Reverse Osmosis or bottled water which has no sodium.

Myth #2 Will water softeners kill your plants?

      No. Rain water is soft and rain certainly does not kill your plants. The only thing water softeners add to the water is a small amount of sodium, and since there is already sodium in the water before it reaches the water softener, it is not possible for soft water to kill your plants. This rumor was started, and a lot of people still believe it, because there is an impression that water softeners add chloride to the water which they do not. If water softeners added chloride to the water it would taste like ocean water and could be harmful to plants. When we install a water softener we do our best to bypass the outdoor sprinklers because it would waste salt and plants thrive as well with hard water. Over our twenty six years in business we have hundreds of customers where we were unable to bypass the water for plants and we have never had a problem with the water killing the plants.

Myth #3 Is soft water bad for a swimming pool?

      Yes and No. A plaster swimming pool needs a small amount of calcium in it so the water remains balanced. Because soft water has no calcium in it, the water is out of balance and could attack the plaster, trying to get back into balance. It is almost impossible to fill a swimming pool with soft water because you would have to stop filling the pool every couple of hours while the water softener regenerates. Because calcium is a solid, and not a liquid, it does not evaporate like the water does. Once the calcium is in the pool it will always be there until you drain the pool. For this reason it is very beneficial to add soft water to a pool to replenish the water that is lost to evaporation. It will keep the calcium at a reasonable level and make your tiles easier to clean. If you continue to add hard water to the pool to replenish for evaporation the calcium continues to build because it does not evaporate. Eventually you will have to drain your water and refill the pool because it has too much calcium in it.
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